Sketches from SPX 2009

October 01, 2009

My France trip is more summed up by my photos and drawings than I could ever blather about with words. Translated: I’m too lazy to relay my experiences with another journal post with more details. I said I would, but just thinking about it bores me to death.

I also thoroughly flickr photo-documented my recent SPX attendance, the Bethesda, Maryland comic convention. I don’t have too much more to add except some sketches from the weekend, mostly from “The New Action” panel, with Shawn Cheng (the one person I couldn’t manage to draw, wtf?), Benjamin Marra (super easy to draw), Frank Santoro (who I made look like V) and Kazimir Strzepek (also kind of difficult to draw).

Kaz as an highschool woodshop teacher.

That drawing of Benjamin Marra is spot on.

Frank Santoro as V.

Closest I got to capturing Kaz.

And the closest I got to Shawn Cheng.

Attendee of the panel sporting a full jean outfit.