Portrait by Michel Gondry

July 21, 2008

One of the perks of this year’s MoCCA was the odd appearance of Michel Gondry and an hilarious comic “32 PAGES, ALL IN COLORS” called “We Lost The War But Not The Battle – a revengeful story by Michel Gondry.” I guess there’s extra drama to be found if you read between the lines, but still a fine, silly-ass, randomly pornographic comic on its own. The back inside cover is a full page ad for some mega-gondry-goodies-pak (including this comic) available at michelgondry.com but it doesn’t look to be out yet.

portrait of nate beaty by michel gondry

The best part was Michel was drawing portraits while signing. He was especially excited about how mine turned out, and showed it around. It really is a pretty striking resemblance. He took time just before handing it off to me to darken my eyes and put in stubble and bags, ha! Thanks!

comics by michel gondry