Pays to Have a Geek-Artist Boyfriend

July 17, 2008

I’ve been getting a kick out of helping Soon Bok’s Etsy shop Pretty Monsters by designing some labels and her banner image. I guess it’s a relief to design for something you don’t have to worry about 5,000 people using — that is, a sticker instead of website UI. Or to design and not worry how it will be converted to HTML/CSS, ha. Such a heavy cross to bear.

I posted the finished labels to my flickr account.


Who doesn’t love drawing octopi?!


Hell yeah. That’s a PANTHER!!

plum blossom tree on green background

Le Plum Blossom.

killer cupcake

Don’t fuck with this cupcake.

pretty monsters banner

another pretty monsters banner

A few banners, the latter was the winner of 6.