BFF scraps

July 10, 2008

As I sat down to write this, I heard some unearthly-sounding squawking and growling from outside. I looked out just in time to catch a raccoon being forced off the edge of a garage by two other huge, screaming raccoons. It was very much like a scene out of a bad USA Network movie — with the suspenseful final hanging-from-the-edge bit and everything. The daredevil ended up dropping some 13 feet onto pavement. Ouch!

Here are some scraps from figuring out what the cover would be for BFF.

BFF failed covers

BFF failed covers 2

I was pretty into the original iconic mustache silhouette idea. Microcosm wasn’t.

BFF iconic cover

The final version. This was my choice for the cover. Hell, I’d pick that up. However, I’d probably be expecting some poorly-drawn, homoerotic comics.

BFF failed covers 4

I also liked the idea of random body parts strewn on the sidewalk, inspired from a bit in BF9.

BFF failed covers 5

Always like this one too, but I never did a color version.

BFF swamp cover b&w

The inks for the swamp cover. I had fun drawing this.

BFF swamp cover color

Colored version. This was my first idea. Nobody really liked it as a cover, but I love how it turned out in grayscale as the title page.

BFF inner dialog

Spoiler alert. That’s the book in a nutshell.

BFF city cover

I did this after submitting the cover.

I also posted the rejected outro on flickr.