Killer Grandmas, Nate Yorke and Tuff Guy the Clown Boxer

January 07, 2009

a comic about a grandma killing a chicken

nate as a yorke

I didn’t mean for this to turn out so gothic, or to make myself look like Thom Yorke.

tuff guy, the creepy clown boxer

Mostly just fussing with the nib, this odd creation was the victim.

The snow is returning to Chicago, I’m happy to say. I’m sad I can’t zip around on my bike, but this city is infinitely more attractive covered in virgin white, as is any human creation.

These drawings are getting done later and later: I’m typing this at 3:46am. Ouch. I used to love staying up late, but as I get older my body reacts much less favorably than my brain. (You know your brain has nothing to do with your body, right??)