The Sinking Ship

September 28, 2008

nate beaty comic of nate mumbling at the pizza parlour

For those not in the know, I’ve been living single for the last week and Soon Bok made the brave move to New York. This has resulted in me eating copious amounts of pizza for every meal, drinking cheaper and cheaper beer, thinking about drawing a lot (ha, I’m getting there!) and listening to all the sappy albums I can only enjoy alone. I also stare out the window for long periods. I can’t believe it’s only been a week, feels much longer.

My cat Oin also managed to disappear. I’m about to go see if I can find him trapped under a house or something — which is where he was the last time he went missing some six years ago. Jeremy and I were shitfaced drunk and found him howling in the abandoned garage next to the house I lived in with Aaron Renier in Portland. The ceiling of the garage had rotted away in the center, and for some reason Oin decided to explore inside — before realizing he wasn’t able to jump back out. Oops. It’s also possible someone took him in, as I’m sure he’s been courting tenants of nearby apartment complexes.

At work I was approached by a fella in another department to develop an iPhone app to get rich quick, but unfortunately I am not acquainted with Objective-C, nor have I ever programmed in C at all. Or Cocoa. Building an application is damn different than building websites.

nate beaty comic of co-worker proposing he build an iphone app

Christine got me hooked on watching Mad Men, and I’ve burned through the entire first season. I’m a total sucker for the ’60s culture, however fucked up it was. Men wore suits and hats all the time, doctors smoked cigarettes, women chose eye-jabbing bras of industrial might, cars were mighty steel floats of fashionable flourish (ouch, Nate), booze was water, music was gay, bohemians were beatniks were poets, and .. politics were exactly the same!

That brings me to my two graphic examples of why I’ll never be in advertising and/or politics.

obama mock banner with cigarette in the style of mad men

Obama, obama, I praise to god you kick the pants off The Cretin and The Clown and .. well, maybe change things a little bit in our sad nation.

palin as failin

And The Clown, I was so happy when you were nominated — you’ll drag down the entire sinking ship of Repugnicans!! Thank you! If, miraculously, you manage to make your way to the White House, I hereby denounce the American people as a sad lot of bumpkin monkeys that deserve the chaos and collapse you’ll bring upon them.