A Vacuum-driven Vomit-like Account of Various Buasky Events During One Chicago Summer

September 17, 2010

Dear Blog,

I’m sorry I hate you so much.

Truth is I’ve been caught up in a ménage à trois with that tart Twitter and yeah, Facebook. Man, she gets around, but she’s so easy. And she so quickly catches me up on all the gossip. You know how I love gossip.

You just don’t make too much sense any more. Who hangs out here? This place is a wasteland, I swear. We get a random straggler, looking for a lousy cup of coffee or a hit off the bottle. Then off they go, barely even looking at all the art on the wall.

Well, while I’m here, let me pin up a few random scraps from the broiling daily activity of the last three months.

Aaron and I went to a Lynda Barry (OMG I <3 LYNDA BARRY!) writing workshop in Milwaukie, Wisconsin, during which I drew this genius:

sketches at lynda barry

For many of her exercises, I was drawing a complete blank. I only managed to eke out this gem:

I am sitting in the passenger seat of my mom’s ’55 Pontiac Star Chief Catalina Coupe driving at 55mph along a sunny country road. We have many cars behind us waiting to pass. I’m embarrassed from this because I am 13 years old and everything is horrifying no matter how trivial.

We’re coming up to the hill with the passing lane. I can see clearcut on our right. A road leading I don’t know where. I’ve driven past this road thousands of times but I don’t know what’s down there.

We have to build up speed for the hill. When it’s raining the vacuum-driven wipers always slow down on the hill. Or do they speed up as the engine revs up? I forget.

Cars pass us like mad, even with the dangerous curve coming up. This also embarrasses me. As soon as we level off, everybody slows back down and my mom let’s loose a terrible string of curses at humanity.

Trubble Club met to draw at a Clark’s:

.. where we drew much hawtness, including:

The ever effervescent Tres came to visit on my birthday:

On Subbing starchild Dave Roche moved to Chicago, and joined us to paint pirates for Aaron’s Walker Bean window display for Quimby’s:

I went on yet another yearly camping trip with my dad, brother and nephew in the Oregon desert. Ignoring the fact that I procured the shits from something, I’m guessing some nuclear food created with ingredients I can’t fathom, I had a great time. However, I didn’t catch one fish.

Aaron (not Aaron Beaty pictured above, Aaron Renier) and I assembled the final Walker Bean window for Quimby’s:

.. then we did a reading of the first 50 pages of the book with various characters voiced by Rachel Niffenegger, Corinne Mucha, Dave, Aaron and myself for a group of 826CHI kids:

Finally, the release party at Quimby’s!

Then, blog, I went on to draw comics like mad for Papercutter and Piecemeal 2. But I’ll talk about that later, because it actually has a focused subject, unlike this vomit-like variance of fooferaw.

Ok, bye!