The Future of My Combover

April 16, 2009

Watching Synecdoche has renewed my faith in talking American humans. What a mindfuck of a movie — typical Kaufman. Brought a whole new meaning to laughing ‘til tears. I kept finding myself guffawing at the most inappropriate of moments. In many ways I think Kaufman nails with infinitely more humor and finesse what I attempted to explore with Brainfag. Further proof that comics may be the wrong (or just shouldn’t be the sole) media for my obsessive expressions. The fact that my drawing skill has only floundered around since 2002 could be further argument.

Also, I finally figured out the hairdo I’m going for:

nate's future combover

Is that hot or what?! Granted, he was just punched in the face by Rockford — but look at the length of that spear of a bang! Holy baldness denial batman, he must have grown that out for five years.

Also, does anyone know where I can find one of these?

yowza vinyl pinup

Look at that freaking turntable! I’d kill for that thing.