Tricking Myself Into Enjoying Drawing Comics

January 15, 2009

nate beaty draws theism funnies

My plan to post a comic every day has been almost successful, but at the expense of a terrible sleep schedule. So I’m trying to cancel that out. (I just mumbled “fuck it’s almost 2!” as I typed that, ha!)

I have a story I’m trying to flesh out and draw, but every time I try something bigger, longer, better — I feel like I try too hard, and then I’m not having fun, and it turns out stiff as well as awkwardly drawn. Cartooning is incredibly hard to keep a vibrant, enjoyable artform, and can be unbelievably tedious if you let it be. I do believe there can be a balance, however. I“m still working on finding how to make that work for me.

I feel like I almost have to trick myself into doing comics in the way I think is most enjoyable to draw AND read. Maybe hypnotism would help.