Silent in LA

July 12, 2007

Not too much to report, been working on fulltime+ since I moved to LA.

I do have a book cover in the works for Willy Vlautin’s new book, Northline, with Faber & Faber. I’ll put that up soon, I’m not sure where it stands at this point, I’ve handed off the PSD’s for them to tweak colors & placement just so. Things move slow in the print publishing world.

I also just sent off the 13 Cities art for an LP pressing. I’m a little worried to see my art blown up 12 × 12. I hate CD art, but I have to say, it’s much less stressful to design for. Everything looks better shrunk to hell. It may not be as pleasurable to look at but all the mistakes and funny spots are 1/4 the size. As opposed to, say, 2x the size!

I’ve been posting diary comix at My super plan to consolidate clixel and brainfag into THIS site having fallen in the cracks due to lack of time.