Brainfag 3

Recently split from a 3 year relationship with excessive energy from my simmering storehouse of unprocessed emotional fodder, I drew a series of tragic accounts of old girlfriends. This massive 52 pg issue is chock-full of crudely drawn sex and nudity, including Nate wandering about led by his incessant, mindless erection.

So, here I am living on Orcas in the Electric Greenhouse on the remote east end of the island. I am two months into my landscaping season with Victor and my girlfriend Samantha is going to school in Portland. Then I get that call: "..maybe we should see other people.."

Immersed in slow-motion country life, I get to thinking about old relationships, and every one of them seems to be drenched in hilarious tragedy. I pick up the pen, brew some coffee, put on the headphones and off I go.

This was the first issue drawn on bristol, but I still drew it actual size. I wasn't very clued in to the comix scene whatsoever, having only a few Clowes and Crumb books laying around.

This issue has been deemed offensive, sexist and just plain bad. But I think there are a few funny moments.

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